What To Do If You Are Caught Speeding

Speeding is an unusual area of law, where there is no presumption of innocence from the outset. One of the difficulties you would face in trying to defend yourself against a speeding charge in court is that most people believe fallacies such as “the camera doesn’t lie” and that speed guns and computers never make mistakes.

Thus, as a result, most people who are charged with speeding are prepared to accept their fate – there just doesn’t seem to be any point in fighting a battle that appears unwinnable. But, if you are one of those rare individuals who understands the technology used in speed detection, then you will also know there are many technicalities that can make this equipment unreliable.

Whenever something is unreliable, that introduces the possibility of doubt and when you are defending against any charge, doubt is a very positive point in your favour. When there is enough doubt about the reliability of an over speed detection, you stand a very good chance of winning if you contest it.

There are also other ways available to make the charges go away, or at least you could find some mitigating circumstances to lessen the penalty that you may face. Clearly if you take matters all the way to a trial, you’d stand very little chance if you handled the case entirely on your own, because as was pointed out earlier, very few people understand the technology involved and simply trust that it is accurate. It takes an expert to explain the flaws in the technology so that a judge and jury can understand what it’s all about.

The sooner you engage expert legal assistance, the sooner you can stop worrying. Of course with the Legal Aid cutbacks few people can afford to hire solicitors, but there are legal consultants available who can assist you for an affordable fixed fee.

Hylton-Potts is a leading specialist in legal consulting for motoring offences and other serious legal problems. With over 20 years of experience in handling these sorts of cases, we have developed an intimate knowledge of speed detection technology and police procedures. If any mistakes have been made, we will find them and exploit them for your benefit. Mistakes happen very frequently, and this is the secret the authorities don’t want you to know, because speeding fines generate millions of pounds in revenue every year.

Even if there is no fault and the police have conducted themselves perfectly, it does not mean you should bear the full brunt of the law. There could be many factors that can be introduced that will help to lessen the penalty you receive, and again you really do need an expert lawyer to identify these factors.

If the situation is more serious and you actually get arrested, then you should inform the police immediately that you wish to consult a lawyer. The moment you do that, they are not allowed to ask you any questions regarding the offence (and if they do, and you can prove it, then this alone could be all the evidence you need to get the case thrown out).

If you retain us to act on your behalf, we will commence a detailed investigation into the full circumstances of the alleged offence, and will determine what factors can be used to help you beat the charges.