Speed Cameras

The most common issue surrounding speed cameras is their location with respect to correct markings and signage and general setup. It may be that you have received a speeding tickets from a camera that has not be set up correctly and so the ticket will be unenforceable

There are thousands of cameras within the UK that have been set up with minor infringements.

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Act of Parliament 2002 sets out clear regulations and guidelines regarding the legality of the set up of speed cameras throughout the UK and hence how enforceable a ticket issued as a result of speeding past a given speed camera actually is.

The Act is too large to reproduce on this website, however more information can be found relating to the Act on the Office of Public Sector Information website.

A summary of the law with respect to signage of speed cameras is provided by the Department for Transport Website.

“The law does not require drivers to be warned about the presence of safety cameras. However, the Government wants drivers to know both the speed limit on any given stretch of road, and also that camera enforcement is taking place.

Drivers sometimes think that a speeding penalty is not valid if the route is not signed correctly with safety camera warning signs. This is not the case. The only signing that is required in law for a speeding offence to be valid is that the speed limit of the road must be properly signed. The placing or visibility of speed camera warning signs has no bearing on the enforcement of offences detected by safety cameras and does not provide any mitigation of or defence for an alleged speeding offence.”