Speeding and Insurance

If you have one speeding endorsement then your car insurance premiums will not be effected. If you have two, your insurance will cost about 20% more. If you have three  the insurance will cost you approx 64% more. If you have four 4 endorsements, and are lucky enought to keep your licence, your insurance will be up about 287%. Most insurance companies will be unwilling to insure you.

If you have only just passed your licence (2 years or less) then it is a different story speeding (sp30) points can take your insurance premiums up by as much as 50%. If you have two endorsements within the first two years there’s a good chance you will be retaking your test. So be careful.

Number of endorsements on licence Impact on insurance premiums
1 No impact
2 20% increase
3 64% increase
4 287% increase